"As a returning rider after 30 years I was looking for a high end facility with the best trainers around. I found that and much more with Tara Martinez at Tarawin Farm. Tara and her staff have a true love for the animals and a gift for teaching all levels of riders from beginner to advanced. The farm has a family atmosphere where life long friends are made with a shared passion for everything equestrian. When I was ready to buy a horse of my own Tara to searched to find me the perfect fit! I can't begin to express how wonderful it is to be a part of Team Tarawin!"
~Kimberly Hopper and Cosmopolitan

Gorgeous and extremely clean barn. Very friendly staff who will take great care of your horse. I love that there are so many paddocks, so the horses get to spend a lot of time outside. I've been at this barn for 3 years now and couldn't be happier! Tara is very passionate about her job and it makes a great difference. I enjoy taking lessons from her and I can see big improvements from when I first started with her 3 years ago.

I love Tarawin Farm and feel blessed to have found such a fantastic barn and group of people! When we moved to FL two years ago finding a boarding facility for our two horses was top priority. Tarawin has been everything I had hoped for and more. The facility is on a beautiful piece of acreage that allows excellent grass pasture and paddock turnout for the horses without the overcrowding/limited acreage of other barns in the area. The care of the horses is top notch and I never worry about “my boy” when I am out of town and not able to make it to the barn. Tara Martinez is a very knowledgeable, dedicated, approachable owner/trainer and all her students (and horses) thrive under her instruction, care and leadership! We live in NE St. Petersburg (so obviously Tarawin is not the closest barn for me) BUT it is well worth my time, gas, and drive over the Skyway Bridge to have this type of care, concern, and environment for our horses and our family. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Tara and Tarawin Farm!
~Tere and Sunny

This barn is truly amazing! The facility is gorgeous, the staff is super nice, and the care of the horses is of greatest importance. The barn is always spotless and the grass jump field is to die for. Tara Martinez owner/trainer is extremely knowledgeable and can actually RIDE. I'm an advanced adult amateur, but I could always tell when she gave my horse a "tune-up" ride. Tara was also always friendly, cool, calm, and collected, both at home and at horse shows. She is honest and a true professional, which can be very hard to find in the horse business! Unlike many other show barns, there is no drama at Tarawin. I never ever was concerned about the quality of care for my horse. Any special requests in regards to my horse were cheerfully honored. Although I've had to relocate, Tarawin Farm will always have a special place in my heart.

If you're looking for a top-notch riding facility, Tarawin Farm is where you want to be. We always have peace of mind and couldn't be any happier with the care of our horses at Tarawin Farm. (Our horses are very happy too!). Also, the training we receive is incredible! Tara Martinez is a very knowledgeable, patient & enthusiastic trainer. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, Tara can provide an excellent training program tailored to your specific goals and discipline.
~Maureen & Lauren

Tara has taken my daughter's riding to an entirely different level. She'd ridden for years and had a foundation, but the technical things that Tara teaches have transformed her and her horse. The facility, the beautiful acres, the incredible arena, and the footing - we couldn't ask for more.
~Amy and Addie


Tarawin Farm is a true find. The entire facility is clean, organized, and very well-maintained. Aside from being an endless source of information and knowledge without being a "hardliner", Tara, the owner, doesn't miss a detail whether she is overseeing her assistants (or doing it herself if needed), providing instruction, managing the facilities, or making somebody feel at home. She does it all with quiet ease and grace - her demeanor is contagious and carries over to the horses, assistants, and riders creating a wonderful environment for everybody (2 legged and 4 legged). Whenever I spend time at Tarawin, I always walk away feeling on top of the world. Of course horse time is good time, but it is also the wonderful feeling of belonging and knowing what I need to do to try to be my best. Places like Tarawin don't just happen - somebody or bodies are at the core making it happen and that somebody is Tara and the people she attracts into her life. Many thumbs up to Tarawin, I feel very lucky to have it in my "backyard".

This barn fits our family perfectly! From the moment you walk into the moment you step foot on the mounting block and watch your child ride off on a darling pony, it's perfect. I would not send my child anywhere else this is her second home and she adores Miss. Tara with all her heart. I have ridden for over 30 years and I took my time to find the right fit for my daughter here in Bradenton and it is at Tarawin.

Dear Tara,

Writing a review of Tarawin Farm is easy and can be done with just one word – Fantastic!

My time at the Farm was for only three months but I always felt very comfortable and at ease and was able to learn an unbelievable amount. In addition, you matched me with a perfect mount – Sassy. I will be forever thankful of my time with her. She was the perfect combination of me being challenged but always safe.

I move around a great deal, don’t own my own horse, travel stable to stable, horse to horse, trainer to trainer and with all of my exposure in different states (Florida, Pennsylvania, and Maryland) , Tarawin gets four out of four stars.

The barn and grounds are kept in top condition with everything neatly organized and labeled and items cleaned and repaired pronto as needed.
The horses are cared for and managed with knowledgeable attention to detail, health, safety, and consistency.
You are a wonderful, calm and patient trainer with the ability to adjust your training style for the horse and the rider. You know how to press and your know how to back-off as needed. I am a beginner but I have watched you and you work well with beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.
Your knowledge of horses and the information you share is extensive, including a good library for reading and research. Many times I have encountered trainers with a rigid, intensive set of rules that although can be valid, aren’t always valid. You seem to be mindfully decisive - intuitively considering the situation, the horse, and the rider always keeping safety a primary concern.
The overall environment is very warm, friendly, inclusive, and safe – for the horses and the riders.
In summary, I can’t thank you enough for creating Tarawin Farm. I look forward to returning next winter and hope that I am not too disappointed with my experiences in the interim. You set a very high bar!

Fond regards,
Marty Biggs